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Fitness Rooms, gymnasiums, arenas and pools.

Acoustic Challenges

  • Exercising in a loud environment decreases concentration and focus that is critical to sports and fitness.
  • The hard wall and floor surfaces typical in pools, gymnasiums and exercise rooms cause echo and long reverberation times, decreasing communication, focus and concentration.
  • Poor acoustics can negatively affect a team or players performance causing poor results and poor utilization of already precious practise time. Coaches and players that need to yell and repeat themselves makes for poor performance.
  • Forward Acoustics panels are the industry leader in providing impact resistance.
  • Panels have a hard wood frame that is impervious to damage from balls and impact.
  • There is an air gap between the fabric and absorptive core that hides even the most damaging impacts.
  • Our direct to wall mounting technique makes it impossible to dislodge panels from the wall or ceilings, no glue, no impaling clips.

Solutions and Implementation
Choose Forward Acoustics absorptive wall panels or ceiling system.

  • Reduce reverberation time, echo and primary reflections, increasing the intelligibility of speech and clarity of sound and music.
  • Impact resistant, sturdy and lightweight.
  • Choose from hundreds colours and fabric styles.
  • Custom screen printing available – your image or logo.
  • Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Easy to maintain with simple brushing.
  • Panels are available in any size.
  • Easy mounting to walls and ceilings, no glue or harmful chemicals.
  • Tackable panels available.
  • Ceiling system sized to fit into standard 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ drop ceilings.

Acoustic Elements

  • Aim for 50% or more of total surface area of walls and ceiling.
  • Place panels evenly on the walls and ceilings.
  • Use L-brackets for easy, durable mounting, and no messy glue or damage to walls or ceilings.

Standard Sizes – Custom Sizes also available




Choose from dozens of colours in easy-clean, colour-fast, premium acoustic fabric.

The Sustainable Choice 
Forward acoustics products are manufactured in Canada using environmentally conscious acoustic materials.

  • 100% recycled, EcoLogo-certified acoustic fabric.
  • Renewable pine frame – sustainable forest management-certified CSA Z809.
  • Fiberglass absorptive interior is manufactured from recycled consumer glass.
  • We do not use petroleum-based foam or toxic resin.
  • Made in Canada.

Our panels are 100% Hand Made in Canada

Gyms, Pools and Fitness Application Sheet

Gyms, Pools and Fitness Application Sheet