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Acoustic Challenges

  • Poor room acoustics can interfere with effective communication.
  • Speech intelligibility is particularly important for meetings and interviews.
  • Hard surfaces increase echo, reverb time and noise, reducing speech intelligibility.
  • Video conferencing, teleconferencing and recording can suffer from excessive reverb, echoes, noise and increased feedback, which are due to hard wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Speakerphones often direct sound toward reflective drywall ceilings or ineffective compressed cardboard drop ceilings.
  • Room size and construction quality is often compromised in standard office buildings, reducing inter-room sound separation and privacy.
  • Open concept offices introduce the problem of increased ambient noise and echo.

Solutions and Implementation

Choose Forward Acoustics absorptive wall panels or ceiling system.

  • Reduce reverberation time, echo and primary reflections, increasing the intelligibility of speech and clarity of sound and music.
  • Impact resistant, sturdy and lightweight.
  • Choose from hundreds colours and fabric styles.
  • Custom screen printing available – your image or logo.
  • Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Easy to maintain with simple brushing.
  • Panels are available in any size.
  • Easy mounting to walls and ceilings, no glue or harmful chemicals.
  • Tackable panels available.
  • Ceiling system sized to fit into standard 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ drop ceilings.

Acoustic Elements

  • Aim for 30% – 50% of total surface area of walls and ceiling.
  • Place panels on the back wall opposite the speakers or video screen for optimal effect.
  • Use L-brackets for easy, durable mounting, and no messy glue or damage to walls or ceilings.

Standard Sizes – Custom Sizes also available



  • Choose from  hundreds of colours and fabric styles in easy-clean, colour-fast, premium acoustic fabric.
  • Custom laser printing also available.

The Sustainable Choice 

Forward acoustics products are manufactured in Canada using environmentally conscious acoustic materials.

  • 100% recycled, EcoLogo-certified acoustic fabric.
  • Renewable pine frame – sustainable forest management-certified CSA Z809.
  • Fiberglass absorptive interior is manufactured from recycled consumer glass.
  • We do not use petroleum-based foam or toxic resin.
  • Made in Canada.

Our panels are 100% Hand Made in Canada

Forward Acoustics Offices and Boardrooms Infosheet