Surplus Panels

Forward Acoustics panels are not only incredibly effective they are also beautiful.

Sometimes we make too many!

Below is our current surplus list with quantity.

If you are interested in any of them please let me know I can send you a picture and further details.

If you don’t see any suitable panels, colours or quantity of panels… we can easily make them for you!

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QtyWidthLengthColourCommentEach Price
31236FR701 – Pearl$35
41224FR701 – Pearl$30
11236Anchorage – Asteroid$35
11236Anchorage – Asteroid$35
21616Anchorage – Asteroid$30
21616Anchorage – Wolf$30
21616Auster – Silver$30
31616Auster – SilverBeveled$30
11616Anchorage – Onyx$30
31616Anchorage – Fossil$30
11894Anchorage – Goose$50
12424Whisper – Reserve (green)$30
12424Whisper – Grey$30
12697Anchorage – Quarry Blue$80
32896FR701 – Eggshell$90
22896FR701 – Straw$90
129.597Anchorage – Quarry Blue2 1/2″ Thick$90
13060FR701 – Eggshell$60
13072FR701 – EggshellDouble Sided Baffle $70
13296FR701 – Silver Papier$100
23648Anchorage – Asteroid$60
13684Anchorage – Wolf$100
13696FR701 – Eggshell$120
136120Anchorage – Vanilla$150
34096Anchorage – Asteroid$130
142120Anchorage – Asteroid$170
14472FR701 – Red$110
14848Whisper – Placid (blue)$80
14860Anchorage – Wolf$100
14872FR701 – White$120
14884FR701 – Quartz$140
14884FR701 – Eggshell$140
14890Anchorage – Green Apple$150
14891Canada Flag$150
14894Anchorage – Cobalt$150
24896FR701 – Opal$160
14896FR701 – Silver Papier$160
114896Anchorage – Angora$160
14896Anchorage – Green Apple$160
14896FR701 – Eggshell$160
14896Whisper – Reserve (green)$160
14896Whisper – Silence (light grey)$160
14896FR701 – Silver Papier$160
148102FR701 – Silver Papier$170
148120Whisper – Silence (light grey)$200
148120Anchorage – Birch$200
250120Anchorage – Pool (blue)$200
15458Brown Suede$100

REsin HardeNed Edge Surplus Panels Special price!

Email for photos.

QtyWidthLengthColourCommentEach Price
1548120Light Grey$50
448105Light Grey$40
636105Light Grey$30
228105Light Grey$25
430105Light Grey$25
345105Light Grey$40
448105Light Grey$40

We have hundreds of panels and colours in stock and ready to ship!

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